Appreciating Art 2nd Edition

Appreciating Art 2nd Edition
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Containing the detail required by both the Higher and Ordinary Level student, this second edition of the bestselling Appreciating Art combines text and images in a modern, fresh layout, with accessible language.


  • Learning intentions in each unit clearly outlinestudent expectations
  • Chapter reviews contain thought-provoking questions and refer back to learning objectives, encouraging students to reflect on and extend learning
  • Further research weblinks provide opportunities to develop learning and enable independent research
  • Definition boxes clearly explain important terms
  • Note! feature contains supplementary information and art history background information
  • Detailed annotations for key artworks help flag important information in a visual way
  • Rich level of detail equips students with the key information needed for both the Higher and Ordinary Level courses
  • Formal analysis of artworks are in line with recent exam question style
  • Exam questions throughout focus students’ attention and prepare them for the exam
  • Section 3 has been updated to include additional material on Graphic Design, Fashion, Interior Design, The Built Environment and Visual Merchandising
  • New material added on Irish art in the 19th and 20th centuries and European art in the 20th century
  • A dedicated Exam Guide at the end of the book contains an exam checklist, guidance, and hints and tips on revising for the exam
  • A glossary of key art terms with definitions is provided
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