Bien Dit 2nd Edition

Bien Dit 2nd Edition
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Divided into easy-to-use sections, BienDit ! will prepare both Ordinary and Higher Level students for the Leaving Certificate French oral exam

Section 1 includes a comprehensive examination section, with tips and advice. The marking scheme explains how marks are awarded for each of the four skill areas in the oral exam:
– Pronunciation
– Vocabulary
– Structures
– Communication
Section 1 also includes lists of useful, up-to-date websites that allow for
access to additional documentation and listening practice

Section 2 contains 18 topic-based units, covering the most commonly asked topics in the oral exam. This section
– Provides essential vocabulary and expressions for each topic
– Is packed with questions and answers, allowing students to generate their own conversations
– Features 18 exam-based sample conversations that are also available as podcasts
– Includes listening exercises to help prepare students for the aural exam
– Explains the main grammatical points and contextualises them in relation to exam topics

Section 3 addresses 12 current issues, providing students with a rich resource of audio material and relevant vocabulary and expressions

Section 4 – the Document Section – includes tips, useful vocabulary and documents for students to practise with

BienDit ! can be used independently by the student or in a classroom setting

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