Early Childhood Art Collage and Construction

Early Childhood Art Collage and Construction
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ISBN: 9781741269239

Early Childhood Art is an inspiring new series of two books. The books present art experiences across a range of art forms, encompassing the spectrum of arts skills, elements, processes and techniques. Children will enjoy experimenting and discovering with the innovative use of materials, textures and techniques as they create effective visual artworks.


  • easy-to-use layout with comprehensive teacher information
  • activities designed specifically for early childhood pupils
  • suggestions for introducing and discussing each art lesson
  • key questions and ideas for enhancing each activity
  • full-colour photographs of children engaged in creating each artwork and of completed project
  • art objectives covering the age-appropriate range of art forms and elements
  • a full list of materials and preparation required for each project
  • step-by-step instructions for each activity
  • questions for the children to evaluate and reflect on their art
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