Early Childhood Themes Book 3

Early Childhood Themes Book 3
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ISBN: 9781846542589

Early Childhood Themes offer both teacher-directed and child-directed cross-curricular, hands-on activities designed to stimulate curiosity, exploration and imagination. Each book is divided into four thematic units covering a selection of topics appropriate to the age group. The series provides an ideal supplement to any early childhood programme.

Each thematic unit consists of:

  • concepts and vocabulary covered in the theme
  • letter templates for parent communication
  • learning centre ideas
  • a list of recommended reading related to each theme
  • discussion points to promote discussion on each theme prior to activities
  • a variety of cross-curricular activities in the areas of maths, sensory activities, motor skills, alphabet activities, art and cooking - fingerplays and felt board activities with accompanying songs and movements
  • a selection of time-saving copymasters for each theme
  • themes can be used with the whole class, a small group, individually or in a classroom


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