Brain Snack: 300 Problem Solving Cards

Brain Snack: 300 Problem Solving Cards
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ISBN: 9781741267884

Get your class thinking with BrainSnack® cards!

How do they work?

You view the card, read the line and you figure out the answer.

Your pupils will love this fun approval to problem solving and you will love how fast they are learning.

Use the cards individually, in pairs, or as a whole class.

You could have a puzzle of the day or some fun homework.


  • 300 levelled problem-solving and logic cards: The cards are graded by a star system, one star being the easiest to three stars being the most difficult. It is recommended that pupils complete each level before moving on.
  • Answer cards are provided for each problem and feature an icon indicating the type of problem, a hint or extra tip to aid in solving where relevant, and a detailed solution.
  • Pupil record cards: Pupil record cards are provided to allow pupils to track and record their progress through the 300 cards. The cards are provided as a template to be copied by the teacher for individual pupils.
  • Digital Edition: Each of the 300 cards in the BrainSnack® box is also provided in a digital version, allowing the teacher to present the problem to a larger group via a projector, computer or interactive whiteboard. The answers and pupil record cards also feature a clickable icon showing a hint or extra tip to aid in solving.
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