Brain Snack 100 Problem Solving Cards

Brain Snack 100 Problem Solving Cards
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ISBN: 9781922116215

BrainSnack® is a complete problem-solving maths resource for your school classroom and to share among classes. BrainSnack® will work the brain and amaze the eye with 100 graded problem-solving cards.

Used to developed mathematics and numeracy skills in the classroom, BrainSnack is an essential school resource for any maths teacher.


  • 100 levelled problem-solving and logic cards: The cards are graded by a star system, one star being the easiest to three stars being the most difficult. It is recommended that pupils complete each level before moving on.
  • Answer cards are provided for each problem and feature an icon indicating the type of problem, a hint or extra tip to aid in solving where relevant, and a detailed solution.
  • Pupil record cards: Pupil record cards are provided to allow pupils to track and record their progress through the 100 cards. The cards are provided as a template to be copied by the teacher for individual pupils.
  • Digital Edition: Each of the 100 cards in the BrainSnack® box is also provided in a digital version, allowing the teacher to present the problem to a larger group via a projector, computer or interactive whiteboard. The answers and pupil record cards also feature a clickable icon showing a hint or extra tip to aid in solving.
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