Comprehension for Independent Readers Middle 8-10

Comprehension for Independent Readers Middle 8-10
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ISBN: 9781846546075

Comprehension for Independent Readers is a two-book series covering the middle (8-10) and upper (11+) stages of primary school. The books are divided into a number of sections, each focusing on a different text type or part of speech.

Text Types:

Front page of newspaper, information in graphs, sales catalogue, comic book, poster, biography, diagram, play script, diary entry, time line, poetry, information in tables, flow chart and narrative.

Parts of speech:

Proverb, colloquialism, irony, sarcasm, symbolism, metaphor, syllogism, stimulus text in a range of genres, explanatory text covering different parts of speech, pupil activity pages, answers to all comprehension questions, links to the English language curriculum.

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