Just Being Me Book A ages 10-14

Just Being Me Book A ages 10-14
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Teaching and Learning about Good Mental Health

Book A: - Skills - Values - Attitudes

Just Being Me is a two book resource series which provides support material for teachers and students in the area of mental health and well-being.

Just Being Me – Book A: Skills • Values • Attitudes is designed to help teachers present mental health education in ways which will help students to understand:

What people have in common and what makes them different from each other
The value of individuals and their right to be as they are
Respect for difference and awareness of stereotypes
Relationships and the emotions which can attach to them
The power of communication
The management of anger and stress
Dealing with loss and facing change with a positive and courageous spirit  

Just Being Me Book A - Full Table of Contents:

Personal Identity
Self Worth
Body Image
Individual Differences
Challenging Stereotypes
Relationships and Feelings
Conflict and Anger
Achieving Common Goals
Recognising and Responding to Stress
Loss and Grief
Expressing Grief
Coping with Loss
Supporting Others Through Loss
Different Ways of Grieving
Change and What it Means for Us
Making the Best of Change
Some Thoughts

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