Managing Boys' Behaviour in Your Classroom ages 7-15

Managing Boys' Behaviour in Your Classroom ages 7-15
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There has been much written in recent years about boys in schools.

As awareness of the varying success of boys and girls become apparent more research and material has been forthcoming. Boy's learning, boy's social interaction, boys' behaviour, boys' not being involved in aspects of schooling, boys, boys boys...

This book is not aiming to address the larger issues that may involve whole school communities if not systems to review their practice in light of boys' performance but focuses on the classroom practitioner and classroom management.

This book includes steps that classroom teachers can make in most school environments about classroom management in their own rooms that might assist the learning for both boys and girls.

Here are a series of techniques and procedures that may make classroom life a little easier. Some is relevant to infant and primary classrooms and other are more pertinent to the secondary classroom either can be adapted with little effort or time.

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