Cool Kids ages 5-7+

Cool Kids ages 5-7+
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Teaching and Learning about Managing Anger in the Junior School

Developed for the first three years of school, Cool Kids! provides junior teachers with practical guidance and strategies for ways to work with children on anger issues. The strategies children learn by working through the activities in this ook will help them to pay attention to the physiological and psychological processes they undergo at the point of becoming angry. They will build skills that help them to identify their anger 'triggers', and learn how to calm themselves down. They will also explore ways to reflect on how their anger can impact on others.

A comprehensive teacher introduction, and step-by-step notes provide important support materials for the setting up of each activity and the scaffolding of students' learning.

Cool Kids! can be used:

With all children as part of a health curriculum
by specialist staff such as behaviour support workers on an individual basis with at-risk children
with small groups of children working with a teacher aide with children who have learning difficulties
by parents or caregivers working with children at home
About the Author:
Paula Galey (M.Ed. Psych.) has worked with students who have learning and behavioural needs in primary, intermediate and secondary schools. She is the author of Keep Cool a best selling anger management resource for older primary students.

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