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Challange Of God
Challange Of God It continues to reflect the contemporary attitudes and interests of young people ..
Ex Tax: €24.99
Faith In Action
Faith In Action Ideal for both non-exam and exam classes Covers a broad range of philosophical, r..
Ex Tax: €32.50
Faith Seeking Understanding
Faith Seeking Understanding Author : Paula Goggin / Collette McCarthy-Dineen / Ellen Moiselle / Fr..
Ex Tax: €29.50
Into The Deep
Into The Deep Author : Tom Gunning..
Ex Tax: €22.50
Issues Of Justice & Peace
Issues Of Justice & Peace Section F Author : Barbera Raferty..
Ex Tax: €15.95
Searching Author : Orla Walsh..
Ex Tax: €7.95
The Inner Place
The Inner Place Author : Tom Gunning..
Ex Tax: €22.50
The Search For Meaning & Values
The Search For Meaning & Values Section A Author : Paula Goggin..
Ex Tax: €15.95
Worship, Prayer & Ritual
Worship, Prayer & Ritual Section G Author : Tom Gunning..
Ex Tax: €15.95
Learning Outcomes and Keyword Journal
This 160-page journal provides a structured method for students to take note of, and revise, the Lea..
Ex Tax: €1.50
Life Matters
A New Senior Cycle Religious Education. Clear, straightforward language. Explanatory and exploratory..
Ex Tax: €26.95
Time to Journey
An Activity Based Package with all you need to teach and engage students of non-exam religion i..
Ex Tax: €26.95