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Abair Liom H 6th Class
Abair Liom is our Irish Primary Language Programme for Junior Infants - 6th class. Meet Seán, S..
Ex Tax: €19.10
Am Don Leamh 6th Class
  This reading workbook is suitable for 6th Class. While primarily focused on reading, there ..
Ex Tax: €7.60
Briathra - A Students Guide To Irish verbs
 11 irregular verbs and 38 main regular Irish verbs, conjugated in the Aimsir Chaite, Aimsir&nb..
Ex Tax: €7.95
Bualadh Bos 6
Bualadh Bos 6 helps to develop all four Irish language skills; listening, speaking, readin..
Ex Tax: €18.50
Bun Go Barr 6
Bun go Barr 6 is for use in Sixth Class. All twenty units are introduced by means of two-page stor..
Ex Tax: €21.15
Bunscriobh 6
Bunscríobh is a series of Activity Books for Second to Sixth Class. It complements and supports the ..
Ex Tax: €7.20
Buntus Gramadai
Irish grammar and grammar exercise book. All the main rules of Irish grammar clearly explain..
Ex Tax: €8.60
Ceartlitriu 6
Ceartlitriu 6 A comprehensive series of Spelling Workbooks in Irish presented in full colour for e..
Ex Tax: €9.45
Cleachtai Gramadai Bunscoile
There are five sections in this Irish grammar workbook   The verb Prepositional pronouns ..
Ex Tax: €3.60
Cliste 6th
Cliste! - a three-book series for 4th, 5th and 6th Class - takes a carefull..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Craic Le Litriu E 2nd Edition
Craic Le Litriú E workbook focuses on the 10 themes of the Irish curriculum. Each weekly chapter pra..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Glance Cards(Irish)
Glance Cards For Irish Author : L. MacAogain..
Ex Tax: €4.50
Gleannta - Soilse Leabhar 7   The books are ideal as supplementary readers for Middle and S..
Ex Tax: €6.20
Graimear Le Cheile 5th & 6th
Graiméar le Chéile is a new series of Irish grammar books, suitable for 5th and 6th Class. Grai..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Grammar Workbook For Senior Classes
Grammar Workbook for Senior Primary Classes explains 44 aspects of grammar in a thorough and simple ..
Ex Tax: €6.10
Inis Dom 6
Inis Dom 6 forms part of a six book series for Ranganna 1-6. Compiled by best-se..
Ex Tax: €11.95
Litrigh E Linn 6
Litrigh é Linn 6 is a new Irish Spelling books for 6th Class. Litrigh é Linn is a new series of..
Ex Tax: €9.45
Rira 6
Rira 6..
Ex Tax: €9.30
Seo Leat 6 Rang A Se
A new intergrated Irish Language programme that fully aligns with the new Primary Language Curriculu..
Ex Tax: €20.45
Sin E 6 Textbook and Mo Scor Workbook
Sin E 6 includes Mo Scor 6 Workbook Sin é! is a refreshing, new all-in-one Irish language programm..
Ex Tax: €19.85