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Planet Maths 4 Satellite Activity Book
Satellite Activity Book 4 For Planet Maths..
Ex Tax: €7.10
Planet Maths 4th Class Text Book
Planet Maths 4th Class Text Book Activity Book Also Available..
Ex Tax: €17.65
Reasons To Write 4
An integrated approach to writing for 4th Class. A full-colour, student-friendly creative writ..
Ex Tax: €10.20
Rira 5
Rira 5..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Science Quest 4
Science Quest 4 Again, there are 20 fun-filled experiments with an assessment section at the end o..
Ex Tax: €11.90
Science Window on the World 4
Science Window on the World is a new high-quality series of activity books for third to sixth class,..
Ex Tax: €9.50
Seaimpin na dTablai 4th Class
Seaimpin na dTablai 4th Class   • Seaimpin na dTablai is a series of 6 books for the 1st t..
Ex Tax: €3.95
Seo Leat 4 Rang A Ceathair
A new integrated Irish Language programme that fully aligns with the new Primary Language Curriculum..
Ex Tax: €18.65
Seo Leat Cois Farraige 4th
The Seo Leat readers take the vocabulary that has been successfully acquired in the pupil books and..
Ex Tax: €6.15
Seoda -  Soilse Leabhar 3   The books are ideal as supplementary readers for Middle an..
Ex Tax: €5.95
Sin E 4
This full-colour pupils' book is suitable for 4th Class and is part of the Sin é! series. The 4..
Ex Tax: €17.40
Siul Siar 2
Siul Siar 2 Author : M Ni Ghallcobhair..
Ex Tax: €6.99
Spell Well 4
The Spell Well series has a structured, multi-sensory approach to the teaching and learning of spell..
Ex Tax: €8.15
Spellbound 4
Spellbound 4 Author : M. Sheridan Colour is used to highlight blends, digraphs, prefixes, onsets..
Ex Tax: €7.55
Spellbound D
  Books in this series feature:   Phonics Themes Homophones Frequently used wo..
Ex Tax: €7.85
Spellcheck 4
Spellcheck is an exciting spelling series from 1st to 6th Class. This series takes a structured..
Ex Tax: €6.50
Spelling Essentials
Spelling Essentials..
Ex Tax: €2.99
Stanley Book & Workbook
Stanley Set Book and Workbook   Magic Emerald Series Author : P. Gunning  ..
Ex Tax: €6.90
Stanley Workbook
Stanley Workbook Magic Emerald Series Author : P. Gunning  ..
Ex Tax: €2.10
Sum Detective 4
Sum Detective 4th Class is a new book of maths activities for 4th class. It is in line with the Revi..
Ex Tax: €7.90