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Smart Kids Laminated Hundreds Board (10 Pack)
Use these versatile, double-sided hundreds boards to help teach children strategies for creating num..
Ex Tax: €12.19
Tell the Time Lotto
Want to have a lotto Fun? Tell the Time Lotto infuses the fun of lotto and the trademark Green Board..
Ex Tax: €12.19
Telling the Time 6-12
Telling the Time is an interactive resource that is developmental, beginning with telling the t..
Ex Tax: €24.35
The Number Game
Set of 5 full colour laminated A2 games - (595 mm x 420 mm).  Features: appealing, full-..
Ex Tax: €20.29
The Power of 2
The Power of 2 books provide a highly structured one to one maths coaching system that is particular..
Ex Tax: €30.95
Your Number's Up!
Your Number's Up! is a fast-paced number game of addition and subtraction for two to six players. Th..
Ex Tax: €7.28