Secondhand Books

Selling Your Old Books to High Street Books

We buy used schoolbooks, novels, plays and revision books in both High Street Books shops (South Douglas Road & Wilton).

Please call to see us instore so that a member of staff can sort through your old books.

Before your visit, please be advised that we cannot buy the following:

Buying Second-hand instore:

We do not sell second-hand online. In our experience, customers like to inspect the condition of the books in our store before buying .

We are unable to check the shops for secondhand in our “online chat” as we are based in our office/warehouse and do not have access to current stock levels . Please contact our shops directly on Find Our Stores

Senior Cycle:

Many of the popular  Irish, Maths and option subjects should be available in Summer 2021. There are some that must be bought new , such as the Poetry Books , revised editions due to curriculum changes etc.

Junior Cycle:

 The phasing in of the new Junior Cycle has meant new editions in every subject over the last 3 years. Some subjects such as English, Business ,History and Geography are expected to be available secondhand this year.