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Blooms Multiple Intelligences ages 5-9+
 Beautifully illustrated and designed specifically for primary students, this book incorporates..
Ex Tax: €17.95
Bully Off ! Book A ages 8-14+
Building a Zero-tolerance Attitude to School Bullying Book A: Setting up Systems and Procedures ..
Ex Tax: €20.00
Bully Off ! Book B ages 8-14+
Book B: Teaching and Learning Activities This two-book series provides a complete and comprehensiv..
Ex Tax: €20.00
Cognitive Behavioural Training
A How-to Guide for Successful Behaviour This book is for educators, counsellors and health profess..
Ex Tax: €49.95
Cool Kids ages 5-7+
Teaching and Learning about Managing Anger in the Junior School Developed for the first three year..
Ex Tax: €20.00
Covid Isn't Fair And I Have So Many Emotions!
COVID-19 Isn't fair!Everyone wants to go out and see their friends, but they CAN'T. Everything is to..
Ex Tax: €18.99
Creating an Effective Learning Enviorment
Linked to Irish curriculum. Bursting with simple, practical ideas that will enhance both the teachi..
Ex Tax: €24.95
EDCO Primary Teacher Planner 2021-2022
Stay organised with Edco’s diary, organiser, progress-tracker and record-keeper all in one! &nb..
Ex Tax: €12.97
Essential Facts & Tables
Essential Facts And Tables..
Ex Tax: €2.99
Folens Primary Teachers Yearbook 2021 - 2022
Ex Tax: €17.35
From Your Point of View ages 9-11+
This photocopiable resource supports students to understand complex situations through other people’..
Ex Tax: €20.00
Grammar Workbook For Senior Classes
Grammar Workbook for Senior Primary Classes explains 44 aspects of grammar in a thorough and simple ..
Ex Tax: €6.10
Handy Worksheets For Busy Teachers Book A  ages 5-6
Handy Worksheets for Busy Teachers! Book A This two part series is aimed at lower primary students..
Ex Tax: €20.00
Handy Worksheets For Busy Teachers Book B ages 6-8+
Handy Worksheets for Busy Teachers! Book B This two part series is aimed at lower primary students..
Ex Tax: €20.00
Improving Thinking in the Classroom ages 7-15
The rationale behind Improving Thinking in the Classroom, Second Edition, is to provide teachers wit..
Ex Tax: €26.95
In Full Bloom- A Thinking Approach to Teaching Literature ages 7
In Full Bloom gives teachers the tools to help students become thoughtful, strategic and independent..
Ex Tax: €24.95
Into the Bin by Anne Fine- Suitable for Reluctant Readers
Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+Mr Frost's classroom is a..
Ex Tax: €8.50
Irish Primary Teacher Planner 2021/2022
Designed in association with the ‘Irish Primary Teacher’ blog by Niamh Byrne.The complete organisati..
Ex Tax: €13.99
Jolly Grammar 5 Pupil Book (Print) JL836
The Grammar 5 Pupil Book is designed specifically for use with the Grammar 5 Teacher’s Book. Toget..
Ex Tax: €6.99
Jolly Grammar 5 Pupil Book JL828
The spelling lessons in the Grammar 5 Pupil Book not only teach many new spelling patterns, but fu..
Ex Tax: €6.99